"What, then, is this soul? Something which has a lustre that is due to no quality other than its own. Can anything be more stupid than to praise a person for something that is not his? Or more crazy than admiring things which in a second can be transferred to another? It is not a golden bit that makes a horse superior to others. Sending a lion into the Roman arena with his mane gilded, tired by the handling he has been given in the process of being forced to submit to this embellishment, is a very different thing than sending in a wild one, with his spirit unbroken. Bold in attack, as nature meant him to be, in all his unkempt beauty, a beast who's glory it is that none can look on him without fear, he stands higher than the other, docile, gold-leaf coated creature. No one should feel pride in anything that is not his own."                       - Seneca (Letters to Lucilius)