Chambermade Gicleé

HOW TO: the evolution of a giclee print...

Step 1: Order high quality giclee print of favorite collaboration with Mike Gallegos from trusted, quality printer. Start Vault always comes correct.  When print arrives in the mail, unroll onto dirty studio floor, and marvel at the clarity of reproduction. Photograph. Breathe easy. Drink beer.

Step 2: Go on vacation. Return home and realize client has been waiting for print. Feel increasingly anxious. Procrastinate by painting a mural. Succumb to anxiety. Motivate to work on print. Ride bus with cast of disheveled homeless, nervous tourists, and basketball fans on their way to Oakland for the Warriors Championship Parade, arriving at art store glad to get off. Browse stretcher bars, realizing they are out of needed size. Purchase alternative size nervously while hoping the "bleed" will accommodate the larger dimension. Experience ecstatic relief when home, seeing the bars you purchased will in fact work. Eat a quesadilla. Chat with wife. Assemble said bars and stretch canvas, being sure to conclude half way through that the image is not as centered as it should be. Curse. Remove staples. Start again. Marvel at how quickly the day disappears. Put on music. Groove a little. 

Step 3: Finish wrap with sense of satisfaction, being sure to get the corner-folds crispy. Voila! Pat self on back. Place wrapped canvas on easel. Photograph. Sit down on floor and compose cheeky blog post, reminding readers that the print has yet to be hand-embellished, varnished and framed, which will be covered in a future blog post. So stay tuned for the next set of mistakes meandering towards approximate perfection...and remember, running is just falling forward with your legs moving.